pacPPSLA represents it’s membership through an established Political Action Committee (PAC) fund, and we are urging each member to contribute a small amount of money to it each month for some of the following reasons:



  • To protect benefits, as they are under attack and may not last without political education.
  • To protect your pension, as it too may be a risk. Currently, we enjoy a defined benefit pension, i.e., one based on your top three years of service. You probably heard about the public safety pension battles in other states. All faced huge fights to protect their pensions from being converted to a 401K-type plan.
  • To protect other critical rights and fend off future attempts to reduce them.
  • Virtually every decision impacting your wages, fringe benefits, employee rights, working conditions, retirement, and pension is decided through the political process. Although we may not like the term special interest group, the fact is PPSLA is one.

Indeed, a well-funded PAC fund gives us the opportunity to meet with candidates to educate them as to the realities of police work and retirement issues.

PPSLA has worked diligently with the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police to help educate our members, the public and politicians.

We are asking you to contribute $15.00 per month. Are your benefits worth a contribution of less than 50 cents per day? PPSLA PAC money collected will be used to support public safety interests. Your Executive Board feels so strongly about this issue that each one of us has agreed personally to contribute this amount.

If you would like to be a PAC contributor, please contact the PPSLA office!  Its as easy as filling out a new payroll deduction card.

Any contribution is greatly appreciated, and if you should have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, feel free to contact anyone from the PPSLA Executive Board.