PPSLA Charities Inc.


PPSLA Charities Inc. is an IRS approved 501 (c) (3) Corporation. A few great reasons to support this charity:

  • We provide immediate financial aid and support to Phoenix police officers seriously or fatally injured and their families,
  • We provide law enforcement officers and firefighters additional support through other charities, e.g., the 100 Club, TAPS, Briggs/Scott Memorial Golf Tournament, the Survivor Help Network, etc.,
  • We support police families in times of emergency by paying for or providing day-to-day basic services needed due to an emergency,
  • We support city, state, and national police and community charitable events with money, services, and education.

To Donate via PayPal Click the Donate Button:  

To Donate via United Way use Agency: #55876 for PPSLA Charities

To Donate via check to PPSLA note “charity” in the memo field and we will distribute the funds on your behalf.

You can send your check to PPSLA interoffice or to the PPSLA offsite office at 8821 North 7th Street, Suite 210 Phoenix, AZ 85020.

Also, look for us on the list during the city’s United Way employee Community Service Fund Drive!

Thank you supporting our Men and Women in Blue!!