Press Release Regarding DRB Dupra FIndings

October 27, 2015


In August 2014, Phoenix Police Sergeant Percy Dupra was forced to defend himself and other officers against a mentally ill adult female who was high on PCP and alcohol. She threatened the officers by advancing towards them with a claw hammer over her head. As she advanced towards the officer to a distance of 2 feet – an arm’s length – Sergeant Dupra ended the threat and unfortunately ended the life of the suspect.  Sergeant Dupra was cleared criminally in March 2015 when 3 separate independent bodies (DPS PPD Homicide and the MCAO) determined that his level of force was justified. 

No officer hopes to find themself in a deadly force encounter. Responding to deadly force by deploying their duty weapon is something that officers are trained and expected to do.  The Disciplinary Review Board, which today, was charged with determining discipline.  This DRB is comprised of civilians, management and two sergeants and is chaired by an Assistant Chief.  

After hearing presentations from the Phoenix Police Department’s Professional Standards Bureau and the Phoenix Police Sergeants and Lieutenants Association, the DRB has reached a recommendation to the Chief of demotion for Sergeant Dupra’s failure to supervise and control the scene.

PPSLA is disappointed in the decision of the DRB, and hope that the Chief evaluates the facts of the case and administers a lesser form of punishment.  This recommendation will be forwarded to the Police Chief who will ultimately decide the discipline for Sergeant Dupra.




James M. Smith

Chief Representative, PPSLA


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