Message from National FOP President Cantebury

canterburyBrothers and Sisters,

I have been in consistent contact with the President and Vice President of the United States to express the fact that our membership and law enforcement all around our country have been disappointed with the comments the President has made in regard to police shootings and in the line of duty death incidents. We have expressed our complaints and, tonight, the President has responded with an Open Letter to Law Enforcement that was shared to the FOP prior to being released as Official Presidential Correspondence. 

The letter speaks to the ongoing dialogue between the FOP and the President. We will continue to be the Voice of Law Enforcement. 

The Letter is attached.


We continue to pray for the families and friends of our fallen heroes from Dallas, Baton Rouge and all across the nation and we will always stand strong to protect their memories. We must keep our Brothers and Sisters working the streets in our thoughts and prayers and I ask for special prayers for our officers working in Cleveland today under tough conditions. 


Chuck Canterbury