Beware…The Times Have Changed

qbIn the past few years PPSLA has witnessed  on scene or monitoring supervisors were severely punished based on the outcome of the incident and not the severity of the misconduct they committed.  They have been disciplined for things that were known after the fact and not actually what information the supervisors had available at the time of the incident. 

This is a shift from the way we have done business in the past. The fact at the heart of the matter is that there are inconsistent, contradicting policies that currently exist regarding barricade procedures.  When an unfortunate, unpopular outcome occurs on a call, the Department will most likely choose to measure you against the polices that can be used to punish you and may ignore the polices you were operating within.  Don’t mistake that this won’t happen to you!  

That is why we, at PPSLA, will be working to make recommendations to clean up policies and continue to make recommendations to the Police Chief. 

Until these Polices are clarified you need to be aware of the policies you will be judged with. Please review and understand the polices the way they are currently written in Operations Order 9.2, and 9.7.

See the attached video message from PPSLA Chief Representative James Smith by clicking here.