Five Pillars


In an effort to keep our membership more engaged with our efforts on behalf of membership we are instituting this format for updating. To ensure we are aligned with our strategic mission, the updates headings will follow our core mission statement; which we call the “Five Pillars.”

According to the PPSLA bylaws, the five directional pillars of PPSLA are:

  1. Negotiations – To negotiate the maximum economic and non-economic benefits for its membership.
  2. Representation – To ensure fairness and due process via ethical representation of its membership in any discipline or grievance deemed reasonable and legal.
  3. Political Activity – To develop relationships and partnerships with representatives from the community and City, County, State, and Federal Government to benefit the membership.
  4. Member Services – To be a positive force within the community by supporting Board-approved charities and by providing current information to our members and the public via our newsletter, website, bulletin Boards, news releases, etc.
  5. Training & Education – To sponsor hgh quality, low cost, and effective training and other career developmeint opportunities for our membership and other law enforcement entities.

Maintaining a positive professional voice for Sergeants and Lieutenants through PPSLA’s five pillars:


Sean is the primary on this. We are putting together a negotiation training day which is the traditional kickoff to the negotiation team meeting on a regular basis to prepare for the table.


Pat is the D&G Chair, and the primary contact for all issues regarding representation. Representation is a wide ranging topic which includes the following:

Discipline: We cannot delve into the details of specific discipline issues for obvious reasons. We will use the section to identify trends and seek feedback from our

Feel free to contact Pat Tortorici at 602.451.9490 and or Sean Mattson at 602.509.3252 and