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policeflagARTICLE XII

The President shall oversee every committee, and shall create and dissolve committees as needed with the concurrence of the Executive Board. In the interests of promoting good customer service for the membership, the Executive Board may approve reasonable fees for services rendered by designated Association members. Except as otherwise designated in these Bylaws, the President shall appoint or remove all chairpersons of committees. This section shall not be construed to mean that the Discipline and Grievance Chairperson is subject to removal except as provided in Article XXIII.

Section 1: Negotiations Committee and Chairperson – Researches and proposes any issues before the membership in regard to wages, benefits or working conditions. The President or his designee shall chair the Negotiations Committee.
Section 2: Discipline and Grievance Committee and Chairperson – Regulates the grievance procedure of the PPSLA and approves any member’s request for grievance representation by the PPSLA. This Chairperson shall also maintain a Shift Representative Program.
Section 3: Publications Committee and Chairperson – edits and distributes the PPSLA’s newsletter. The President shall have final approval of all PPSLA publications.
Section 4: Legislative Committee and Chairperson – Actively promotes the interests of the PPSLA by lobbying in the City Council and State Legislature; conducts promotional programs in support or opposition to any legislation or legislators in the national, state or local legislative bodies.
Section 5: Training and Education Committee and Chairperson – Creates and manages training and education programs and seminars sponsored by PPSLA.
Section 6: Advertising Chairperson – Procures advertising for PPSLA publications subject to approval by the President.
Section 7: Issues Chairperson – Serves as an advisor to the Executive Board in a non-voting capacity.

There are several other boards and committees that PPSLA can use your help with.  Click the link on the top of this page if you are interested in assisting, or check out the Boards and Committees list HERE.